Spring Mill Rally Updates

This weekend August, 17th -19th is our Spring Mill State Park Weekender.
For our Saturday Pitch-in lets do a potato bar.    So the club will supply potatoes, butter, sour cream and cheese.    Bring something that you like on your potato such as chili, bacon, chives, etc or something for desert.  We can do a movie after the pitch-in.    Suggestions welcome for the movie title.
If you would like to come with us, as the time I sent this message there was 1 site (30) open.
It will be a fairly unstructured weekend.  If the Cave boat tours are running we should do that and also check out the pioneer village.

Turkey Run Weekender Update

It’s looking like rain is possible during our Pitch-In Saturday so just to be safe I rented a shelter for us.   It’s called the Middle Shelter (A on the map attached).   We will need to drive to it for the Pitch-In. Lets meet there by 5:30pm.   We will be there little before 5pm to cook the dogs.    Conveniently it is right next to the Amphitheater where the Storytelling will take place after dinner.

Map of the Park

Turkey Run Weekender

This weekend, July 20th-22nd is our Turkey Run Trip Weekender.  We are looking forward to it although I have not made much progress on our 64 Globetrotter rebuild,  so it’s still more like a Aluminum tent but it’s camping worthy as long as you don’t need water or a kitchen.  I at least have the Gaucho rebuilt and installed so we don’t have to sleep on the floor.
So Far I have attending and their spots.   If I missed you let me know your coming so we can plan our club supplied Pitch-in food needs accordingly.
Dillow 162
Bunch 163
Mentz 177
Cody 176
Ellis 186
Hill 35
Shirley 36
Fuller 184
As usual our weekenders are laid back chances to hang out with fellow Airstreamers.
With the help of Sandy and Ken Langell (most excellent event planners as evidenced by rallies they have hosted such as our very successful Wisconsin Dells rally this year) we have a few suggested activities this weekend.

Arrival and setup
Evening Campfire – We will pick the most central spot and enjoy good company around the camp fire.  If you have some firewood please bring it. (DNA approved firewood only please!)
Morning – Hiking – Turkey Run has the best Hiking Trails in the state and they are mostly shaded but since its going to be hot I suggest getting a hike in early in the morning.  If Hiking is not your thing they have a really nice nature center to check out.
Noon – Lunch at “Up the Creek Boat-ique” – Because we don’t have a kitchen we are eating out.  Feel free to join us if you like or do your own thing.
3:00pm4:00pm Lusk House Visit
The Lusk house is not open very often, this is a chance to see inside it.
Lusk Open House, Turkey Run State Park
Hike out or drive to Lusk Home. Built in 1841, this house tells the story of Turkey Run’s first stewards.  Stop by anytime during the open house to hear about the Lusk story.
5:30PM – Pitch-in Dinner – Dog Days of Summer
The theme for this pitch-in is Dog Days of Summer
The club will supply Hot Dogs, Buns, Mustard and Ketchup.
Feel free to bring your fave toppings for dogs for example Chili,  onions etc or a side or desert.
7:30 PM – 9 PM – A special event at the Park,  will be well worth attending as one of the story tellers is a friend of Ken Langell and an excellent story teller!
Event Description:
Campers and lodgers use your sleuthing skills to determine the lie during “Two Truths and a Lie” by listening carefully to the stories, asking insightful questions and using your intuition. Once the liar has been revealed, choose to share your own park adventure in small groups. Story telling will begin at 7:30pm at the Turkey Run State Park amphitheater. Featured storyteller will be: Lou Ann Homan, Bob Sander, and David Matlack.
Funding for this program is provided by the Indiana Arts Commission, The National Endowment for the Arts, the Indiana State Parks, and Storytelling Arts of Indiana.
Location Information:
Turkey Run State Park amphitheater, which is located very near the pool.

Wisconsin Dells Rally – Update # 3

The Dells rally is getting closer! I’m going to do bullet points because this is getting a little lengthy.

  • We have two new units for the rally and we have lost two. Total head count 25.
  • Our kitty fee has been reduced from $20 per person to $10 per person. We can do this because the club voted at a recent board meeting to help with the cost of this rally. Yay!
  • Dan Beck pointed out that he would like to have specific directions to the campground.  Great idea, Dan, thanks.

    Follow I-74 West to Bloomington/Normal IL
    I-74 circles around the west side of Bloomington, where it joins I-55.

    Follow I-55 to exit 164 for I-39 North.
    Follow I-39 north to I-90 West.
    Continue on I-90/94 to Wisconsin Dells/Lake Delton.

    The park is located off Hwy 90/94, Exit 89. Go southwest on Hwy 23 for 1/4 mile, and the park will be on the right.

    Country Roads Motorhome & RV Park

    1633 State Highway 23, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53940

    Note:  Google Maps locates this park in Wisconsin Dells.  Their business address, as listed on their website, is actually Lake Delton.  It’s the same place.  Watch for signs on the highway that say Country Roads RV Park.  There are 4 Wisconsin Dells area exits, and coming from the south, this is the second one.

  • We have planned two meals in the campground, and two restaurant meals.  While these are subject to change, we know some of you have special dietary needs and may need to plan ahead.  As it stands right now :
    • The first campground meal will be pulled pork sandwiches, with slaw, baked beans, potato salad, and ice cream.  The second one will be a salad and pizza party.
    • Our restaurant meals will be at Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty (eggs, potatoes, biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage, baked apples, etc) and Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub, traditional American fare.   (This is a change from the original plan, as we have been unable to contact Mexicali Rose – I think they must be permanently closed.)   Thanks to Erin Beals for her assistance with this.

See you all soon, in beautiful Wisconsin!   If you have questions about the rally please let us know.

Ken and Sandy

Time to make reservations!

I am afraid I have been so tied up trying to get my Trailer to rolling condition to get to Brown County (We made it!!! And it was a beautiful weekend BTW) that I missed the date to remind you guys start your reservations for Prophetstown.  Well lucky I have checked and there are still plenty of spots but I would get them ASAP.    They will sell out fast due to the Feast of the Hunters Moons which is that weekend.   We will plan a trip over to the Feast.   Here is info on the Feast http://feastofthehuntersmoon.org/ its a huge even and people come from far and wide to attend.   So make your reservations for Prophetstown soon as possible so you can get a spot.   If your not keen on going to the Feast,  Phrophetstown is one of the newest/nicest state parts and there is a Wolf Park close by we will plan a trip to as well.
The Details:
The Dates:  Oct 5th-7th
The Park:  Prophetstown State Park
Try for sites 216-238
Register at http://camp.in.gov
Chris Dillow
CIA President
Note: The original calendar had the wrong weekend!

Wisconsin Dells Rally Update!

I promised you some more information about the rally. We have had a couple of cancellations, our number is now at 22 people and 11 units.

Here is a tentative schedule.  I am still waiting for confirmation for a couple of things, and a lot of this is weather dependent, so the schedule could change a little.

Wednesday, May 30 – arrive at campground and get settled in.  We will meet you when you arrive and give you the rest of the day to get set up, browse goodie bags, etc.  We will meet around the campfire in the evening to get acquainted.

Thursday, May 31 – Breakfast at Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty, 9 am.  Cost is $16.37 each, including tax and gratuity. This is a hearty lumberjack meal, served in a log cook shanty, at long tables.  They have a nice gift shop, too!

At 1 pm we have a tour at the International Crane Foundation.  Admission here will be $7 each.  They have a seated indoor presentation and then a guided tour through the grounds. This is the highlight of the trip for Ken and I, we hope you love it as much as we do.  We will probably be here about two hours.  They have a nice gift shop, too!

In the evening we will have a cookout at the campground- menu to be announced later.

Friday, June 1Friday morning is free time to explore the Dells area.  At 2:30 pm we will arrive at the riverboat dock for a lovely 3pm cruise on the Wisconsin River.  Cost for this is $24 per person.  The cruise lasts two hours, and includes shore landings to view the incredible sandstone formations. Both the boat and the shore landings are wheelchair accessible.  Bring your zoom lens for bald eagle photos.
Following our cruise we will have dinner at the Mexicali Rose restaurant, overlooking the river.

Saturday June 2. Another free morning, to enjoy sleeping late or maybe a zip line ride!  At 1 pm we have a wine tasting scheduled at Fawn Creek Winery, a lovely spot in the Wisconsin country side.  The cost is $5 each, which pays for samples of their full line of wines.  There will be live music and the opportunity to purchase from a limited menu (pizza, pretzels, etc), or take home some wine or other things from their – how did you guess – very nice gift shop?  They tell us some folks like to hang out all day, but we should plan on an hour to hour and a half visit.

At 5 pm we will have our farewell dinner at the campground, followed by an evening of fun at a Pirates Cove miniature golf tournament. Cost is $5.23 per person. And there will be valuable prizes for the lucky winners!

Sunday June 3 – All good things must come to an end, and now it’s time to pack up, go home, and start planning for the next rally.

When you arrive on Wednesday we will collect the $20 per person kitty fee to cover campground meals and prizes.   Also, some of the places we are visiting have asked us to collect cash in advance and pay them at one time, so it would be a good idea to bring some five and one dollar bills for that.  Bring rain gear, cameras, mosquito spray.

We are looking forward to having a great time.  This area is overflowing with attractions, both man made and natural- even the McDonalds is unique.  We have tried to allow time for everyone to explore on their own as well as group functions.   Please contact us if you have any questions.

See you in Wisconsin Dells!
Sandy and Ken

Brown County!

May Weekender – Brown County – May 4th -6th 2018

Can you believe it’s almost time for our first Weekender? The winter flew by for me as I was trying to completely restore the 64 GT before camping season. Well its going good I am not nearly done. We will be there with our Aluminum tent as all the furniture will not be back in yet.

We have a good sized group and lets hope the weather figures out it’s supposed to be spring in 2 weeks.

Here’s who I know about.

Ashland 48
Baldwin 39
Beals 31
Beals 32
Codys 36
Deegan 42
Dillow 41
Fuller 40
Langell 37
Mason 33
Pawlovich 47
Russel 45
Trosky 44
Beck & Ellis 38
Rager 51

So as usual this will be a low key weekend.

Charlie ordered us Brown County Visitors Packets he will arrive on Thursday. There is lots to do there.

It should be prime Morel Mushroom season if you feel like trying your luck at hunting them.

We will have a pitch-in Saturday at 6pm followed by a movie outside weather permitting.
Since Saturday is Cinco De Mayo we are planning to have a taco bar. The club will supply the shells, ground beef and cheese.
Please bring your favorite toppings or chips and salsa or guac or a dessert to share.

We will collect a $3 kitty fee during the weekend to help pay for the taco supplies.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Let me know if you have any questions/ suggestions.


New Year, New Name and New Flag!

It is official we have a new name!!  We are now the “Central Indiana Airstream Club“.  Same great club but we now have Airstream in our name! And we have a new Club flag!



May 30 – June 3, 2018
Country Roads RV Park, Lake Delton, WI
(608) 253-2132

Arrive at Country Roads RV park Wednesday, May 30 – afternoon
We will gather at the campfire Wednesday evening, followed by three days of planned activities.
Depart park Sunday, June 3, 2018

If you have never been to Wisconsin Dells, or haven’t been in the last 40 years, you won’t want to miss our rally in this unique part of the country.

Wisconsin Dells gets its name from the incredible sandstone formations along the Wisconsin River. The river winds through a beautiful area well known to campers, fishermen, and naturalists. It was originally inhabited by several Native American tribes including Ojibwe, Potawatomi, Menominee, and Ho-Chunk. Aldo Leopold’s “Sand County Almanac”, which is considered one of the most significant environmental books of the 20th century (and would be a great “pre-rally read”), was written about Leopold’s farm nearby.

While the countryside is wonderful for nature lovers, the city of Wisconsin Dells has evolved into an adventure in shopping and thrill rides. There are enough attractions there to keep you busy for days on end! Because there are so many choices, we have only included places that we have experienced – which means you may want to allow a little extra time for exploring on your own.

One of the planned events is a boat tour on the Wisconsin River. Depending on conditions on the river, we will see many of the sandstone formations (some are not accessible if the river is too low or too high). The boat will make two shore landings, where you can get an up-close look at dramatic rock formations and amazing scenery. The boat trip will take about a half day, including arrival and disembarking, followed by dinner at the Mexicali Rose, where you may choose to dine on the patio overlooking the river.

Other rally events include a miniature golf tournament, a visit to the fascinating International Crane Foundation, breakfast at the world-famous Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty, and wine-tasting at Fawn Creek Winery.

Country Roads RV Park is a full hook-up, wagon-wheel park, with nice level pull-through sites. They are saving sites 1-15 for our rally. Please call them to reserve your site – you must give them a credit card to hold the site but nothing will be charged to your card until you arrive. There is no charge for cancellation if you cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Their phone number is (608) 253-2132. Tell them you are with the Central Indiana Airstream Club.

Our quoted rate is $36.80 nightly for two people, with $3.50 per night for an extra person.

There will be a $20 per person rally fee, which will cover two meals in the campground and misc. fees. Any excess will be refunded. Fees for restaurants and activities will be paid individually. Two people, participating in all planned activities, including the rally fee and campsite, could expect to spend approximately $365 plus your fuel costs.


May 30 – June 3, 2018, SITES 1-15 Country Roads RV Park, Lake Delton, WI (608) 253-2132

KEN AND SANDY LANGELL, kslangell@me.com, (317) 408-6798