Time to make your reservations for 2016

  • If you didn’t read all the way to the bottom of the November Ticker, the last item was a message about reserving spots for our first Weekender of next year at Brown County

“It’s already time to register for our first Weekender for next year!!  Yay!  That means only 6 months til our next CIU glamping experience!!  Yes, it is time to register for our April 29 – May 1 Brown County State Park Weekender.  Reserve through Reserve America and let’s keep the same sites we’ve occupied the past two years;  let’s reserve sites 36-42 in the Buffalo Ridge Electric Campground, followed by sites 28-35.  Don and I are registered for site 37 and are arriving Thursday.”  So far we have…

Masons on site 36
Newman on 39
Langells on 38
Freys on 41
Gordys on 43
Russels on 37

A good start for a good time!!  Please join us!
  • And now it’s time to book our sites at Patoka Lake State Park for our second Weekender!!  Going a little farther south for warmer weather for this one.  The official dates are May 13 – 15, so tomorrow is the first day you can reserve through Reserve America.  Let’s reserve sites 297, 299, 304. 308. 312, and 314 first – that’s the inner circle of a loop, followed by sites 305-313.  This is opening weekend for this park, so they may book up quickly.  This loop is close to the lake with paths back to it.  Looks like a great place to meet!  There are many things to do in the park and close by:
  • French Lick is 20 minutes away – tour the West Baden Springs Hotel, http://www.frenchlick.com/hotels/westbaden, casino, winery, golf course, and more
  • St. Meinrad Archabbey is 35 minutes away – tour info, http://www.saintmeinrad.org/visit-us/
  • Marengo Cave is 20 minutes away
  • Patoka Lake Tours – April – October: Wednesdays 10:00am – 12:00pm.  Public sightseeing tours of Patoka Lake. Come search for Osprey, Eagles, Beavers, Herons, Loons and other wildlife
  • Patoka Lake offers boat rentals, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, and more
  • Please email me with your site numbers so we can keep track of our CIU peeps and their spots.
  • The Ticker Publisher position is still available.  Otherwise, members will just get updates and notifications via emails such as this.

December Christmas Party 2016

Our next event is Saturday, December 5, 2015, 11:00 am, Annual Christmas Party at the MCL Cafeteria in Carmel located at 116th and Keystone Ave. ***(NOTE: this is not our usual MCL location)***

MCL Carmel
1390 Keystone Way East
Carmel, IN 46032
Phone: 317-844-9217


Rally at Mississinewa October 8-11, 2016

Last minute opportunity!   Ann Newman is unable to attend this rally, and her site is available.  If you would like to go but don’t have a reservation yet, please contact Ann at anewman2@indy.rr.com to arrange to take over site 228.

We have planned a campsite decorating contest and a chili cook-off.  This morning we received an email from the park – they have planned the same events, as well as a pumpkin carving contest, campfire cooking contest, and trick-or-treating!  T-shirts and sweatshirts are available as well, but they must be ordered by SEPTEMBER 22, so order quickly!   I have attached the pdf from the park with all of the details – Please Look it over.

Also note that we have been notified by the park that there has been widespread damage to their facilities caused by flooding this summer.   They are working at reopening all buildings;  the things that will be of concern to us are:  the camp store will be open but limited, and there are areas where vegetation has been killed – if it rains there will be mud.  Be prepared.

Reserve online through ReserveAmerica.com, at Mississinewa Lake. Please notify Ken kslangell@me.com if you reserve a site or have any questions.

Here is the list of sites we have reserved.

231 Russel
234 Dillow
237 Langell
228 Newman
233 Barksdale
226 Sherley
202 Moorman
227 Kachele
240 Fuller
ACW-2??? Lowe

There will be a $5 kitty fee for this rally.  Come prepared to win prizes – we will have a Chili Cookoff, and also a prize for the Best Decorated Trailer. Break out the jack-o-lanterns and mums!

Fall Business Meeting and Luncheon, October 24, 2016

MCL Castleton, 5520 Castleton Corner Lane Indianapolis, 46250

We start eating at 11:00 am!

We will have lunch followed by a business meeting.  This important business meeting will include election and installation of officers, and initiation of new members.   The installation and initiation will be conducted by 3rd International Vice-President and CIU member, Barry Bell.

At this meeting we will be asking members to vote to approve the following slate of officers.  There has been an addition of 2nd Vice President, and one Trustee.   If you have any questions, email Ken Langell kslangell@me.com.

 President – Lana Russel
1st Vice President – Patti Frey
2nd Vice President – Darryl Baldwin
Treasurer – Don Russel
Corresponding Secretary – Karen Bell
Recording Secretary – Abby Lowe
Trustee, 2 Year – Theresa Sherley
Trustee, 2 Year – Greg Sherley
Trustee, 1 Year – Patsy Marston
Trustee, 1 Year – Ron Gordy

2016 Region 5 Rally, September 14-18

MADISON, INDIANA is the location!

Our Region 5 Rally was a lot of fun – there was a good turnout and we were in an excellent campground at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds.   Region Rallies are very important – a lot of region business is conducted there, decisions are made that effect all of us.   Please put the 2016 Region Rally on your calendar now – we want 100% turnout from CIU! 🙂 Incoming Region President Artie Martin has announced that the 2016 Region Rally will be in Madison, Indiana, and he is already working on some exciting plans.

Raccoon Lake Weekender held some surprises

The Central Indiana Unit had a rally for the record books this year! Our July rally was at Raccoon Lake State Recreational Area. We were excited about what looked to be a great rally – we had 10 units attending, including a visit from Artie & Pam Martin, of the Kentucky Unit. There was some rain in the forecast, but rain doesn’t trouble us too much. Some of us arrived on Thursday, and quickly discovered an unfamiliar Airstream in the campground. It turned out to be a brand new CIU member that none of us had met yet – Sammy Bracken – and we were so happy to get to spend some time getting acquainted. Sadly the Brackens had to leave on Friday morning, but we look forward to lots more rallies with them. We had a nice evening around the campfire Thursday night, with music provided by several talented Airstreamers. Friday morning more units started rolling in, and we were even more ‘friendly’ than usual because we were all gathered in close under an awning to stay out of the rain. As dinner time approached, many of us went inside our trailers to cook, and Jim and Sue Fuller left to go to a restaurant. Suddenly text messages started flying – the Fullers’ awning had collapsed in the rain. The men all went running, and did their best to minimize the damage – the photos below show them in action. As it was getting dark, Abbie Lowe and her father Dan pulled in with their rig, and had just got set up when sirens sounded. Park rangers began driving through the campground announcing on loudspeakers that the park was being evacuated! We were certainly surprised – yes, the lake was VERY high – but EVACUATE? REALLY? Being the wise campers that we are, we immediately started packing up, and the last Airstream cleared the park within an hour and a half. The next day we learned that officials had made the decision to close the floodgates at the dam, because of concerns for downstream flooding. They knew the lake was going to rise – and the next morning it crossed the road which was the only access to – or exit from – the park. We are grateful to the staff at the park for making the decision to evacuate early, and turning out in force to direct traffic and help everyone get out safely.

IMG_4155 IMG_4154

Photos by Patti Frey


Photo by Damon Beals


June Weekender Plans – June 12-14

Our June Weekender Rally is coming up – June 12 – 14 at Oubache State Park in Bluffton.   This park is 30 miles from Fort Wayne, built in the 1930s as part of a forest preserve.  There is a resident herd of bison on the property.  The Wabash River runs through the park and provides fishing opportunities.   Nearby attractions include the Limberlost in Geneva, and the city of Berne, IN with it’s surrounding Amish population.

On Friday evening, many of our members will be joining the Indiana Unit at a nearby Amish farmhouse for dinner.  Please be ready to leave the park by 4:30 pm.

We have reserved the nice big shelter house with the big fireplace for  our pitch-in dinner on Saturday, so there will be a small kitty fee to cover the cost.  Do any of you play Joker?  This would be a great spot for a little Joker tournament!

Sites that are booked:

Fullers  32

Masons  27

Newman 35

Langell 28


Freys  40

Dillows  29

You may make reservations online at www.indianastateparks.reserveamerica.com or by calling 1-866-622-6746.  Please notify Ann Newman when you have made your reservation anewman2@indy.rr.com.

Caravan to Swiss Festival with CIU – Friday, September 25 – Sunday, October 4!

Caravan with us to the Swiss Festival Rally ~ FridaySeptember 25 – Sunday, October 4!

This rally has been described by many caravanners in our Airstream Club as the very best National Rally, and many have attended several times as there is much more planned than one can possibly do in a week.  Don and I attended last year and enjoyed it so much, we want to take a CIU group back this year. We can look forward to MANY planned local tours in Ohio Amish country, nightly entertainment, activities in the park, the local Swiss Festival, etc.  The cost for all of this plus 9 nights of camping with water and electric in this gorgeous rolling area of Ohio during a beautiful time of year is only $210 for one trailer / 2 people or $160 for one trailer / one person!!  Now, that’s a deal!!!  So join us in making lasting memories – clip the coupon on page 63 here http://www.blueberetonline.com/archives/WallyBBJune2015.pdf

and send it with your check postmarked by August 9 to:

Lana Russel
4509 East 169th Street
Westfield, IN  46062